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Lindenhurst Chiropractic Care
for Pain Relief and Wellness

We provide non-invasive pain management and whole body wellness, including chiropractic care, manual therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture and nutrition. We are a diverse team of experienced healthcare providers that work together to integrate health and wellness into your treatment. Located in Lindenhurst, we are proud to serve the Wadsworth, Antioch and Gurnee communities. Our chiropractor, Dr. Mark Freund, is an experienced provider of chiropractic care in Lindenhurst and has been helping patients break free from pain for over 15 years.

Natural Care Chiropractic
Helps Lindenhurst Patients Regain
Whole Body Wellness

back_sciatica_sm.jpgIf you have sustained an injury or suffer from chronic pain, you may feel frustrated with traditional medical treatment, which uses medication to cover up your pain, rather than helping you heal. We help our patients live pain free lives-without being dependent on medication. Our whole body approach to wellness uses natural, patient-proven treatments to help your body heal from within. These treatments include chiropractic, manual therapy and physical therapy. Our nutrition response testing can also help patients learn to eat for their body and promote healing.

Not only will Dr. Freund's care and whole body treatments relieve your current pain, but our treatment approach will also reduce the risk of future pain and illness. Our whole body approach to wellness means we evaluate not only your current pain symptoms, but also the underlying causes for pain and disruption in your body. Through adjustments, realignment and decompression, our chiropractor restores balance to your body and helps your muscles and joints heal themselves.

Patients choose us because our team is committed to helping you recover from injury and reach your potential - living well and feeling better, the natural way. We follow a diversified healing approach, believing that several non-invasive treatments, such as chiropractor adjustments, manual therapy and physical therapy, can work together to bring harmony to your body. We also support lifestyle changes and healthy nutrition to ensure all of your internal organs and body systems are optimized for ideal function.

If you are not familiar with chiropractor adjustments, manual therapy or physical therapy, you may have questions about these treatment methods. We invite you to explore the complimentary health and wellness articles available on our website. These articles and videos are an important resource for helping you learn about whole body wellness and the proven science behind our treatment techniques.

Dr. Freund and our care providers continue to participate in research and professional development, ensuring they provide our patients with the highest quality care and the latest proven treatment solution. Our team is proud to encourage healthy living through individual and community outreach to prevent injury and promote wellness.

Our Lindenhurst office is conveniently located near Wadsworth, Antioch and Gurnee. Appointments are available six days per week, Monday through Saturday. To schedule an appointment, please visit our appointment request page or call us at 847-265-0600. If you are struggling with chronic pain or simply seeking to 'be well', call us today. Our team is excited to be part of your wellness journey.

Dr. Mark Freund
Lindenhurst Chiropractor | Natural Care Chiropractic | (847) 265-0600

2118 E. Grand Ave
Lindenhurst, IL 60046

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Fantastic! Dr. Freund you are gentle and solid. Thank you for all the variety of angles you have offered in addressing my structure from head to toe.

- M. W. / Lindenhurst, IL

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