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Posted on 06-19-2017

Sports Injury Prevention from our Lindenhurst Chiropractor 

Sports Injury Prevention

Getting injured is, unfortunately, a routine part of playing sports. However, you don't have to accept it as normal. Proven preventative measures can help keep you healthy, and if all else fails, our chiropractor in Lindenhurst can provide sports injury treatment that will get you back out there as quickly as possible.

Take Some Time to Follow These Tips

Everyone who is planning to exercise in any way should take heed of the fact that injuries are much more likely in some circumstances than others. Some of the best ways to avoid sports injuries include:

• Pre-season training to get fit and strong

• If possible, avoid being a "weekend warrior"

• Start out slow and work up to longer, more aggressive practices

• Warm up with low-key movements that mimic what you will be doing on the field/court/pool/etc

• Learn and use good technique

• Make sure your equipment is in good condition

In general, starting slowly and gradually allows your body to increase strength and flexibility to the necessary levels without overstraining. Consistency helps a lot, too, even if you can only fit in one or two shorter sessions during the week. Warm ups should include low-level cardiovascular activity, stretching, and slower versions of movements that you will use while playing the sport.

Get Help From Natural Care Chiropractic—Before or After a Sports Injury

Natural Care Chiropractic, your chiropractor in Lindenhurst, can help you either before or after a sports injury. Spinal adjustment is the basic mechanism we use for helping patients with neck and back pain, but complementary therapies can be equally important. These include exercises to make the injured area strong and stable again, as well as lifestyle adjustments.

Often, lifestyle changes and exercises can significantly decrease the risk of sustaining a sports injury in the first place. Our chiropractor can help you assess which movements may be setting you up for a problem, and our dietician can help you figure out a healthy diet to fuel a strong body. Some traumatic injuries cannot be avoided, but many of them can. Most overuse injuries can be avoided.

Schedule an Appointment with our Lindenhurst Chiropractor

If you need sports injury treatment or you'd like to work out a sports injury prevention plan, please call us at Natural Care Chiropractic today! Our phone number is (847) 265-0600, and we proudly serve the communities of Lindenhurst, Gurnee, Antioch, and Wadsworth.

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