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Posted on 04-25-2017

Your Lindenhurst Chiropractor Provides Upper Back Pain Treatment

Attached to your scapula and thoracic rib cage by powerful, upper back muscles, your shoulder girdle is prone to injury simply because these muscles are frequently overused and strained. Playing sports, lifting heavy objects and reaching for things above your head are a few of the reasons why people seek upper back pain treatment from their Lindenhurst chiropractor. The severity of shoulder muscle inflammation responsible for upper back pain or neck pain varies depending on your age, previous shoulder/upper back dysfunction and health condition at the time of injury.

Upper Back Pain

Causes of Upper Back Pain

In addition to repetitive strain injuries and overuse, upper back pain may be caused by one or more diseases or disorders:

  • Upper thoracic spinal arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated/bulging discs
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Whiplash

More rarely, chronic upper back pain may be due to scoliosis, hyperkyphosis (extreme curvature of the spine) or facet joint deterioration. To develop an accurate diagnosis of what is making your upper back painful and stiff, your Linden chiropractor will perform a physical examination of your upper back and neck and order diagnostic tests if necessary. 

Chiropractic Treatments for Upper Back Pain

Since inflammation of large shoulder muscles is usually attributed to upper back pain, treatment for restoring muscle health consists of therapeutic exercises to stretch and strengthen damaged muscles. If a specific area of the upper back/shoulders/neck is very sore and tender, your back pain may be due to active myofascial trigger points in soft tissues (fascia) surrounding your shoulder muscles. These trigger points, or "knots", develop as palpable lumps within tight bands of muscular fibers. To dissolve trigger points, chiropractors apply a specialized type of massage therapy called trigger point massage therapy that effectively breaks up painful knots causing upper back pain.

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Spinal adjustments can also help relieve neck and back pain when misalignment of the spine compresses nerves extending into the upper body. If you want drug-free, surgery-free upper back pain treatment, please call Natural Care Chiropractic today at (847) 265-0600 to schedule an appointment.


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