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Nutritional Counseling as Part of Natural Care Approach to Preventative Care 

Your first visit to a chiropractic office may be because of chronic pain, but at Natural Care Chiropractic we believe in whole body care. Our chiropractor, Dr. Freund, will not only give you treatment to relieve your current pain, but will offer a range of treatments and behaviors nutritional counselingthat can reduce or eliminate your chances of future pain. This natural care approach allows the body to heal itself and strengthen, restoring balance to your body and allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle. Everyone in our Lindenhurst office is dedicated to treating and advising you in ways that will help you to help yourself, including personalized nutritional counseling for a number of different needs.

How Nutritional Counseling Helps with Overall Wellness

In our office, we see many patients with conditions such as osteoarthritis, scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis. If you are suffering from the symptoms of these or other inflammatory diseases, your nutrition can play a large part in whether you suffer from systemic inflammation. When your system is inflamed you will suffer from pain, making it more difficult to life your life and requiring more adjustments and treatments from the chiropractor. 

Our nutritional counseling sessions can point you in the right direction toward foods that will keep your body more in balance, reducing the need for active treatment. We may advise you to eat fewer processed foods and move toward a more organic diet, to eat foods rich is certain fatty acids and to drink more water throughout the day, all of which can help reduce inflammation in many circumstances.

Many of our chiropractic patients are women, and we are aware of many chronic health problems that only women suffer from. Whether you are dealing with menopause, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome or a host of other female problems, we can offer advice as to which foods and supplements may help relieve your symptoms and make your life easier and healthier. Eating a balanced diet is a good first step, but we can help choose which foods work and which ones don't with your particular problems and lifestyle.

We believe in treating your entire body as a whole, with each aspect of treatment connecting to all the others we use. Rather than give you medication to mask pain, we believe in addressing the cause of your problems so that there is a lesser chance of them returning and becoming chronic troubles. We combine spinal adjustments, manual therapy, physical therapy, nutritional advice and a host of other parts of treatment to create an entire whole program designed to make sure your internal organs, skeletal system and nerves all work in harmony. This is the best way to treat your immediate problems while making sure they don't reappear once more at a later date. Our system of natural care is more likely to give you a healthy lifestyle in the long run, with a pain-free and balanced body.

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