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Natural Care Chiropractic Services in Lindenhurst

Serving Gurnee, Lindenhurst, Wadsworth,
and Antioch Patients

Our Lindenhurst Chiropractor is Proud to Serve you

Natural Care Chiropractic located in Lindenhurst brings chiropractic services to the whole family. If you are located in Illinois, Gurnee, Wadsworth or the Antioch areas, we are your trusted chiropractor. Our practice has been providing professional chiropractic services to our patients for fifteen years. The array of services provided under the trusted hands of Dr. Mark Freund, brings relief to patients experiencing an array of ailments. It is our belief here at Natural Care Chiropractic that chiropractic therapy can be the main, and/or complementary therapy for pain relief and healing. It can be utilized when dealing with a number of physical issues.   

For instance, individuals who have been involved in auto accidents often suffer tissue trauma or whiplash as a result of their accident. Many individuals have also suffered work related injuries that incur lasting effects. Many chiropractic services, such as ours, are aimed at providing relief to these individuals through a wellness approach. Other common issues treated at Natural Care include headaches, allergies, obesity, carpal tunnel, and many others.

Pain Management and Wellness from your Lindenhurst Chiropractor

Our office provides an array of services and therapies in order to offer a versatile and fully integrated approach to pain management and wellness. Services include manual therapy, nutrition response tests, acupuncture, physical therapy and nutritional counselling for those hoping to make lasting dietary changes in order to better serve their wellness goals.

Chiropractic care evolves from the idea that that spine is the center of the central nervous system. This is because all nerves are connected to the spine and travel to different areas of the body, so it is easy to understand why spinal alignment is critically important to maintaining overall health and wellness. Disc problems and alignment issues can inhibit the healthy balance of your body and begin to manifest into many painful symptoms. Spinal manipulation can help bring alignment and balance back to your life.

Although spinal manipulation is the foundation of chiropractic care, Dr. Freund also uses other types of manual therapy in conjunction with spinal manipulation to bring complete healing and pain relief to his patients. These various forms of manual therapy can help to stimulate circulation and to keep the muscles relaxed so that they may heal more quickly. Massage also helps to relieve inflammation in irritated areas.

Physical therapy is an extremely helpful service provided by Natural Care to help you overcome pain and stiffness while maintaining your optimum level of wellness. Physical therapy techniques can include exercises that are designed to rebuild injured areas to increase functionality and strength.We have a diverse library of video exercises in our members area that patients can do from the comfort of their own home. Dr. Freund may prescribe a few of these exercises to supplement your chiropractic treatment. When all of these different types of services are integrated together, your body receives the crucial attention it needs to heal and be well.

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Dr. Freund and our staff seek to treat the patient from a whole body perspective. With each visit, you will be sure to receive the care and attention you deserve. If you are ready to start your chiropractic journey today call us to schedule an appointment with our Lindenhurst chiropractor.

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