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If you've never visited a chiropractor before - relax. Every aspect of our practice is designed to make you feel at ease. There's nothing to be nervous about.

One of the chief distinctions between chiropractic and traditional allopathic medicine is that we will spend much more time talking with you about your problems and your symptoms, as well as the individual treatments we will prescribe to help you become well again. In this way, chiropractic offers a welcome alternative or supplement to traditional healthcare because you will not feel rushed. You will not feel confused. You will not feel ignored.

Chiropractic is a very "hands-on" technique of adjusting your spine so that it corrects imbalances and seeks to optimize your nerve energy. During the first or second visit, one of our chiropractors will often adjust specific areas of your vertebrae that correspond to the nature of your condition.

Another unique aspect of Chiropractic care is the functional structural analysis. The doctors are paying attention to you as you move. Since our viewpoint is that all the individual spinal segments function as one unit we are able to determine what your problem may be just by watching you in motion.

In many cases relief is immediate. Because the causes of your pain or your symptoms are so unique and are often gradual or chronic, in many situations more treatments will be recommended. True to our name, whenever the case allows Natural Care Chiropractic will always lead with an effective and proven natural approach to achieve wellness.

Every step of the way, you will understand what is happening. This distinction alone will help you get more out of your chiropractic treatments than many other forms of healthcare. You are informed and involved. You share your specific experiences with us, and we respond with treatments that get to the core of your problems.

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