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Atlas Orthogonal Correction for Neck Pain

If you suffer from back or neck pain, or pain in your joints, arms, legs, or heads, our Lindenhurst chiropractor wants you to know that there could be a simple solution to your discomfort. Often, misalignments and pain in the spine and throughout the body occur due to a misalignment of the atlas vertebra, the very first vertebra in the cervical spine, upon which the cranium sits. Our chiropractor in Lindenhurst, Dr. Mark Freund of Natural Care Chiropractic, can restore the atlas vertebra to its natural position using the safe and gentle chiropractic technique known as the atlas orthogonal procedure.

How the Atlas Orthogonal Procedure Treats Pain and Promotes Health

Your spinal cord is an important part of your body's central nervous system. It carries nerve signals from your brain and sends them throughout your body to control every aspect of your health and functioning. Your spinal vertebrae protect your spinal cord and help ensure its continued function, but a misalignment of any of the vertebrae can impair nervous function and contribute to muscular problems and misalignments of the entire skeletal system. Often, spinal misalignment begins when the atlas vertebra is out of place, and when this first and very important vertebra is misaligned, it can lead to problems with the rest of the spine and the entire body. The atlas orthogonal procedure is a gentle, safe, and pain-free way to treat misalignment of the atlas vertebra.

Did you know that your head weighs between nine and 17 pounds, but your atlas vertebra weighs a mere two ounces? And yet this tiny bone must support the entire weight of your head. In order to do so, it must be in just the right position. The atlas orthogonal procedure can restore the atlas vertebra to this optimal position for supporting the head. By merely adjusting the atlas vertebra, the entire spine and musculoskeletal system gradually returns to proper health and alignment.

When the atlas vertebra is not in its proper position, the head cannot sit properly on the spine and the body struggles to maintain a normal center of gravity. As a result, the body compensates to keep the head level. The result is usually a contraction of the muscles on one side of the body that can cause one leg to appear shorter than the other and cause other parts of the body, such as the shoulders and hips, to come out of alignment. Neck pain, back pain, loss of cervical curve, scoliosis, and other symptoms can result.

The atlas orthogonal procedure gently restores the atlas vertebra to its optimum position, without twisting or cracking. Only a very small amount of pressure needs to be applied to the atlas vertebra to restore normal alignment to the entire body. Dr. Freund is the only chiropractor in Lindenhurst who performs the atlas orthogonal procedure, but he has already used it to bring relief to many of his patients. Try it for yourself today.

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