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Lindenhurst Nutrition Services

When you are in pain and you decide to visit a chiropractor to improve your health, you are in luck. At our Lindenhurst practice, we believe strongly in preventative care and treating the whole patient when it comes to pain, illness and injury. Our Lindenhurst nutritionist, Katie Moxley, RD, meets with clients who want to learn more about treating chronic conditions through the foods you eat. The goal at Natural Care Chiropractic is to provide patients with all of the tools they need to live a more balanced, healthier life.

healthy food nutrition services

Nutrition Counseling to Meet Your Healthy Lifestyle Goals

Finding the right balance of nutrition in your life isn't easy. In today's fast paced world, it is easier to eat foods that aren't healthy for you. While there is a short term gain of time when eating fast foods or overly processed foods, the negative effects on your health when you eat poorly are worth making an effort to eat better. When you need to learn about the foods that you require vs. the foods you are currently eating, it's time to meet with our nutritionist to discuss your goals for your overall health.

Good Nutrition & Chiropractic Care Promote Overall Wellness

Some patients choose to visit a chiropractor for spinal adjustments only, but those that are committed to healing their bodies from the inside out choose Natural Care Chiropractic because of our commitment to get to the root of the problem, and not just treat the symptoms that are present. When the whole body is treated, the overall health of the patient improves. With chiropractic adjustments that help improve the body's ability to heal itself, coupled with good nutrition, patients heal fast and stay healthy longer when any pain is looked at from a whole body approach.

When you are ready to make changes in your life, and get to your optimal level of health, we can help. At Natural Care Chiropractic we know what it takes to get you feeling better. If you are chronically tired, and suffering from aches and pains that are difficult to identify, we are ready to assist you in making the changes you want. You deserve to feel better, and this can be done by taking a close look at your nutrition, getting chiropractic care to adjust your vertebrae, and through learning more about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

Acupuncture, supplements, nutrition, chiropractic, massage and more can all be part of the life changing decisions you make when it comes to your health. While traditional medicines will mask the problems, a whole body approach to wellness is going to provide you with lifelong tools that will improve your health and allow you to live a more active, vibrant lifestyle.

We know that you can feel better. Through our natural approach to wellness, our goal is to teach you how to take better care of your body so that you can enjoy all that life has to offer. Make an appointment with our nutritionist, Katie Moxley, RD! 

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