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Chiropractic Tip of the Month!


"Natural Ways to Promote Fertility, a Healthy Pregnancy, and Healthy Babies" 

Preparing to expand your family is a really exciting time, but it can also be a very trying time. While it may seem like some women blink and become pregnant, for most it is not so simple. In fact, the statistics are quite staggering in the US with approximately 7.3 million (1) women of childbearing age having fertility problems. Not only is infertility on the rise, but the ability to carry a healthy baby to full term is also a challenge. Each year around 600,000 women have a miscarriage, 26,000 women give birth to stillborn babies, 467,201 babies are born prematurely and 307,030 babies are born with a low birth weight (2).

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 "Gear Up For Spring"

With spring around the corner you might be planning to clean out the attic or garage, or deep clean the house, but have you ever thought about giving your body a spring cleaning? By now New Year’s seems like a distant memory, and a purification program might be just what you need to jump-start your body and pick back up all of those healthy resolutions you made a few months ago.

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 "Healthy Heart Month"

Why is February the designated Heart Month? Besides the obvious, quite a few Americans need a strong heart this month as they compile their income tax returns and discover that they did not withhold enough last year. We probably did not eat the best over the last few months and the levels of nutrients for proper cardiac function may be depleted.

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"What does your Body Type say about you"

Weight loss has become a serious concern in our country with over two-thirds of the population now being overweight. This epidemic is being exploited by the myriad of businesses claiming to help you lose weight with a magic diet pill, crazy exercise regimen, or crash diet plan. Many people have tried one or all of these methods and have fallen short. The problem with these hyped up marketing gimmicks is that not only are they not individualized, but they do not affect the core issue of why your body is gaining weight.

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Research Study: Saccharin And Sugar Found More Addictive Than Cocaine

Sugar and artificial sweeteners are so accessible, affordable and socially sanctioned, that few consider their habitual consumption to be a problem on the scale of say, addiction to cocaine.  But if recent research is correct their addictive potential could be even worse.

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